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DDH Games 2009 Expansion Pack Files:

Includes new optional rules and counters for "June '44", "August '44", "Last Gamble: The Battle of the Bulge" and "Destination: Normandy".  There is also a new card for J'44.

Files available for "The Battle for Normandy" (GMT Games):

Supply Play Aid Chart (zipped PDF)

Attachment Play Aid Chart (zipped PDF)

Campaign Game Commonwealth OOB

Campaign Game United States OOB

Campaign Game German OOB

Set of cards to note the interdiction level of a zone - Front

Set of cards to note the interdiction level of a zone - Back

Battle for Normandy Support Play Aid

20mp Corp Supply Range Markers

Detailed Sequence of Play

Expanded Rulebook Table of Contents

Game Marker Counters (for those who wish to mount them on magnetic strip)

Optional HQ Counters (border highlighted)

Optional Counters for 155mm Howitzer and Long Tom Artillery

Three-Map Campaign Game Variant Rules

Three-Map Campaign Game Variant Chart

Graphic German Setup Charts 1 and 2 (Zip file; more coming soon - Courtesy of Bob Bassin, Pete Keller and DH)

Errata and upcoming Optional counters

German & Allied Record charts with "wheels" (Must be constructed; Zip file

Vassal & Cyberboard Files:

"Campaign Game" Scenario for Vassal (Courtesy of Joel Toppen)

"Bloody Omaha" scenario for Vassal (Courtesy of Kevin Ankoviak)

"Campaign Game" scenario for Cyberboard (Courtesy of Justin Rice)

"Operation Epsom" scenario for Cyberboard (Courtesy of Randy Mauldin)

"Operations Goodwood and Cobra" scenario for Cyberboard (Courtesy of Randy Mauldin)


Files available for "Antietam" (DDH Games):

VASSAL Mod for ANTIETAM ver 1.1 (Zip file, Created by Joel Toppen


The rendition of the D-Day map below is made available as a tribute to Charles S. Roberts, the founder of the Avalon Hill game company. Both a PDF and a JPG type is included in the zipped Map file To line up the counter sheet backs, mount the front of the sheets, then 1/8 alignment holes to line-up the back of the sheets. The PDF may give you a higher resolution map.

D-Day CSR Tribute Map (Zip file)

D-Day CSR Tribute Counters (Zip file)

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