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DDH Games News:

NOTE: My unit was deployed on short notice and until further notice, I will be unable to fulfill orders once the games currently in-stock are depleted.

The Battle of Gettysburg is shipping!
Pre-orders are going out as quick as possible and new orders as well.

10/26/10 -
An updated Vassal Module v1.1 has been posted for Antietam.

09/8/10 - An updated map for the classic AH "D-Day", in honor of Charles S. Roberts' passing is available for free download in the Files section.

Available Now!
- Click the map to go to the "Antietam" page and order.

AUGUST '44: Expansion for JUNE '44, this will allow players to extend their game into August and includes 6 more event cards, 40 counters, the southern map & eastern extion to the J'44 map, and rules. It will include the extended campaign game and a COBRA scenario!

Available Now - Click the map to go to the August '44 page and order.

Gettysburg, 1863
: Division level treatment of the pivotal Civil War Battle. Using a unique system of card play for command & control. In design & development now!

JUNE '44: CSR Award winning game which covers the first month in Normandy, 1944 at the Division level.

Available Now - Click the map to go to the June '44 page and order.



An introductory wargame with a fully illustrated rulebook, quick play and low price. However, experienced players will like the challenging play too. Great for young and old!

Available Now
- Click the map to go to the Destination: Normandy page and order.

LAST GAMBLE: The Battle of the Bulge is a Division level strategy game based on the popular 'June 44' system.  With a few added twists, or course.

AVAILABLE NOW! Click the picture to go to the Last Gamble page and order.

Over 10 years ago, I designed a game eventually published by Moments in History called "D-DAY: THE GREAT CRUSADE" (still available from Critical Hit and many onliine retailers.) I have made a new map suitable for the play with the base game or with the expansion. The file is in .PDF format. Click on the image below to download the FREE upgrade map: (Note: Updated 4/13/10)

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